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Here are some old Arcived photos

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Posted Dec 18 2023

Jeff Anderson, Anne Yingling, Debbie Rennick and Kelly O’Brien delivered Christmas toys for the Right Turn for Vet’s children under their care. CEO Susana and staff were very excited see our delivery and expressed warm wishes to all our members for very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday along with their thanks to our members for their generous support.

Dec 16 2023

Would like to thank all the ladies who participated in the women’s pool tournament .
Char Sowders in first place ,
Colleen Vollans 2nd place and
Rosa Martin in third

Posted Dec 3 2023
Steak Dinner With The Gila Ridge HS cheerleaders helping serve the food today

Special thanks to the Gila Ridge HS cheerleaders
for coming out and helping with this Event.

Posted Dec 3 2023 2023
Dec Brithday Cake.

Posted Dec 2 2023
VFW MC donated a bunch of toys Saturday morning.
Lets give a round of thanks to them and there donation.

Posted OCT 31 2023
Here is some photos of Halloween night at the Foothills Eagles..

Posted Oct 28 2023

A big thank you to the members of the Aerie 4538 for their approval to fund our new look to our patio area.

Thanks again.

Board of Trustee's

Posted OCT 4 2023
Motown karaoke night.

Posted Sept 29 2023
Here is some photos of the new golf league.

Posted Sept 32 2023
Some photos of Saturdays events.
First 2 photos are Bingo.
Next 2 Photos are Texas Holdem



Posted Sept 9 2023 5:00pm

Chicken Dinner.

Posted Sept 9 2023 12:15pm

Texas Hold'em

Posted Sept 4 2023

Labor Day Lunch

Posted Sept 3 2023

Happy Brithday to all our Eagles Members with Brithdays in September.

Sept 2 2023

Queen of Hearts $6,988.50 winner Sept 2, 2023, Thoy Busciglio

Aug 25 2023

National Banana Split Day.


Sorry that wasn't more photos I thought my camera was charged but it wasn't so it died before i could get all the photos done

Posted Aug 6 2023

Happy Brithday to all our Eagle Members with Brithdays in August

Posted Aug 5 2023


Posted July 26 2023

Christmas in July Party.

Sid having some fun.

Posted July 16 2023

Donations from the Ladies Auxililary.

FOE 4538 Ladies Auxiliary Donation to Amberley’s Place

FOE 4538 Ladies Auxiliary Donation to Catholic Charity Center

FOE 4538 Ladies Auxiliary Donation to Hospice of Yuma

FOE 4538 Ladies Auxiliary donation to Yuma Food Bank

Posted June 27 2023 6:30pm

Just a normal Tuesday at the the Foothills.

Posted June 18 2023


Posted May 14 2023



Posted March 22 2023

Greg Miller Show

March 22 2023


Posted March 21 2023

Right Turn for Yuma Veterans

March 18 2023


Posted March 19 2023

From Helping Hands of Yuma
A huge shout out to our volunteer security team from Eagles Post #4538! Thank you all for your support, and for helping out year after year! You're the best!

Posted Jan 3rd 2023 (photos by Kelly O'Brien)

Grand Worthy Chairman Rick Powell and Alma Powell visit with members of Aerie 4538

Ralph Arnold presents Grand Worthy Chairman Rick Powell a $1,000.00 check from Aerie 4538.

Posted Jan 1 2023

New year eve party Dec 31 2022

Photos by Stefani Browen

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