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Here are some old Arcived photos

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Posted May 12 2024
Mothers day Brunch photos.

Posted April 7
Memorial service to honor Kathleen Woodman

Posted April 5 2024

Chuck Adelgren won the Ping Driver at the First Annual Eagles Golf Outing

Posted March 31
Easter Brunch

Posted March 30
Smoked Meats Dinner.

March 19

Ralph and Connie from Golden Roadrunner
donates $20,000 to Aerie building fund

Thank you so much for your donation. Your generosity means everything to us

March 15 Car show. (click play to see)

Posted March 9 2024

March 9 2024

Jack and Jill Pool Tournament.

First place: Chris & Colleen Vollans;
Second place: Gary Koschnick & Rosa Martin;
Third place: Les Smith & Bev Housden.

March 7 2024 Yard Sale & Bake Sale.

Thanks to everyone who donated items to the sale and bake sale, worked, purchased, and cleaned up. What a great & successful event!!

FEB 24 2024
Men’s Pool tournament

Casey Reeves got first place tonight but also got an eight ball
break and winning the eight ball pot winning over a $100.

The two players on each side were just steeling his thunder

Todays men’s tournament John Ryznar first second place Ron Sanders and third Casey Reeves
Great tournament and was great to see some new shooters and Curt French winning the Calcutta

FEB 11 2024 Super bowl at the Eagles..

FEB 10 2024 Ladies tournament.

First place went to Norrene Albright second place Judi Derdak and third place Colleen Vollans.
Judi came within two inches of an eight ball break and winning the eight ball pot.

Photo from Feb 4 2024

Some photos From Sunday Feb 4th

Morning Brunch.

Girl Scout Cookie Stand.

Jukebox Duo

Photo from Jan 31 2024


Jan 27 Queen of hearts Winner.

Jan 27 2024 Pool tournament.

Thank you to all the ladies and men who made it a great tournament . On the ladies side first place was Rosa second Bev and in third place was Judi , on the men’s side was Kosh 1st , Dave 2nd and John. With Char and Dave D. Winning the Calcutta. It was a long day but was a great time

Photo from Jan 20 2024

Stefani fundraiser (To cut off her hair)

Before Photo.

Cutting Photo.

After Photo.

Posted Jan 20 2024

OPEN HOUSE of JAN 20 2024

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Posted Jan 7 2024

Posted Jan 7 2024

Posted Jan 1 2024

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