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Auxiliary Officers June 1 23 - June 1 24

Past Madam President- Michelle Silvis
Madam President- Candy Poole
Madam Vice President- Debby Borst
Madam Chaplain- Celeste Carter
Madam Secretary- Linda May
Madam Treasurer- Susan Coyle
Madam Conductor- Babe Burton
Madam Inside Guard- Sharon Rommanuci
Madam Trustee Chairman- Joyce Thompson
Madam Trustee- Nancie Hacke
Madam Trustee- Linda Boring
Auditor- Diane Plotz

Feb 26 2024

There will be a memorial service for auxiliary 4538 charter member Kathleen Woodman

on Sunday April 7th 3-6 pm at the Foothills Eagles club.

Chicken will be provided, potluck for sides appreciated.

Auxiliary 4538 Madam Secretary
Linda May

Posted Nov 28 2023

Madam President:

We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Auxiliary Initiation for December will be Dec 19th as the regular meeting day is the 25th. This means that the Auxiliary will meet the 2nd and 3rd Monday for December only.

The drawing for the NFL/Crown Royal quilt will be postponed until Dec 5th to give the Auxiliary more time to sell tickets. If you can help us sell tickets (anytime), please get some from the bartenders and sell whenever it is busy (i.e. Queen of Hearts, Darts, Loud Mouth etc.). We greatly appreciate the help from our Aerie Sisters and Brothers. We are also having a basket for Christmas. If you would like to help us sell tickets, please contact me, Debby Borst or Linda May for tickets.

We have heard your request, so, our Saturday Night Chicken Dinners will continue every other week and Chef’s choice every other week. If you have any suggestions please place them in the suggestion box or see Linda May, the Auxiliary Secretary or me.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye all you sweets lovers. The Auxiliary will be having a bake sale on Wed Dec 20th from 11:00am to 3:00 pm at the Aerie. Come join us for Loud Mouth, Meat Draw, and goodies. Sisters wishing to donate your special treats please bring them Wed morning at 10:00 am. Bob and Val will also be serving lunch.

We will be having a Fish Fry Dec 15th from 3:00 to 5:00 for $10.00. We hope you will be able to join us. Our Chefs, Gary and Harvey look forward to seeing you all. We thank them for helping us. All proceeds will go towards Auxiliary Charities.

Candy Poole
Madam President

Posted Oct 25 2023

Dear Sisters,

Another month has come and gone and we are happy to see our old friends return and we welcome our new sisters. You have joined the best organization of wonderful sisters and hope that you will join us in our efforts to support our local and International Charities. Our “Basket of the Month” will be drawn on October 31 (Tuesday after The Queen of Hearts). Hope to see you all at the Halloween costume party. It should be “spooktacular”.

Be on the lookout for our November drawing which is a handmade NFL/Crown Royal quilt, made and donated by one of our members (Sylvia Wynandts). Buy your tickets early and often as this is a very unique quilt. Thank you, Sylvia!

Make sure to join us on Saturday nights for our fried or baked chicken dinners. We will also have a Baked Potato Bar the last Saturday of November.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope to see your smiling faces soon!

Madam President Candy Poole

Posted Aug 16 2023

Just a reminder our Fridays charity dinners has moved to Saturdays 5pm - 6pm for $9.00

Dinner theme for Aug and Sept will be Fried or Baked chicken with sides, rolls and desserts.

A big "Thank you" to all the members who support us each week.

Auxiliary 4538 Madam Secretary
Linda May

Posted 7/24/2023

Thank you to the Auxiliary for the 630 bottles of nutritional drink they have donated to the Aerie drive.

FOE 4538 Auxiliary Secretary
Linda May

Posted 6/29/2023

A BIG thank you to ALL the FOE 4538 members
Who have made it possible for the Auxiliary to donate to our charities during our ‘22-‘23 fiscal year:

Hospice $3,500
Yuma Food Bank $2,500
Right Turn For Vets $ 3,000
AZ Children’s Assoc $5,000
Amberly’s Place $1,000
Catholic Women’s Shelter $1,000
AZ St President’s Project $,4000

In addition the Auxiliary has donated $20,000 to the Building Fund.
Your support to all the fund raising events is greatly appreciated.
Let’s make ‘23-‘24 another great "People helping People" year!

FOE 4538 Auxiliary Secretary
Linda May

Posted June 1st 2023

Welcome to our Auxiliary Tab.

Now we have a spot on the website dedicated to the Auxiliary News, Updates, Memos

We are always looking for auxiliary volunteers to help with Friday dinners, membership, and ticket sellers for our raffle baskets and cutouts.

Please give me a call at 509-981-8188 if you would like to be a Volunteer.

This last year our 4538 auxiliary has donated over $22,000 to charities and $20,000 to our Aerie building fund through our fund raising efforts.

A BIG “Thank You “ to all the Helpers!

FOE 4538 Auxiliary Secretary
Linda May
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